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The Teacher behind A Teacher Next Door

LuAnn Graber

LuAnn Graber

LuAnn Graber is a teacher and tutor by trade, living in Franklin, Tennessee. She is an artist in her free time, a writer in her dreams, and a mother most of all. She enjoys creating, with words, ideas, and anything she can touch. Any day that she has succeeded in empowering others, especially her own children, is a happy day.

Everywhere is a Classroom

Classrooms are everywhere.

LuAnn completed her first year of teaching in a fifth grade classroom at a small private school in Puerto Rico. Midway through the school year she was reassigned. She was assured that her new 2nd grade students spoke English, important in that she was not a fluent Spanish speaker. However, as she stood in front of her new class she saw confusion and bewilderment. The students had learned English from a Puerto Rican native. The accent differences created a barrier in communication! That night LuAnn went home and wrote the next day's lessons in Spanish – word for word. In the classroom she read in Spanish while she wrote in English on the chalkboard. She continued this for several weeks, each day speaking less Spanish and more English until she was successfully teaching through the day in English. She and her class completed the school year with flying colors.

Boys on a Field Trip

the Graber boys on a homeschool field trip

Since then LuAnn has taught in generalized classrooms, in art rooms, in brick and mortar buildings, and in online classrooms. She has taught large groups of children, and she has taught one-on-one. Her three children each spent part of their schooling career at home with mom as their teacher. This was a decision she made early on in her teaching career. As hard as she tried, individualizing instruction was difficult. She found herself teaching to the middle. She was determined that her children would begin their schooling with one on one instruction.

Student in San Juan, Puerto Rico

second grade student from Academia Menonita in San Juan, Puerto Rico

She says, "I do not consider myself the ultimate authority on education. Methods change and improve as research excavates and uncovers greater understanding as to how children learn. I do however consider myself a learner who enjoys sharing. My heart thrills each time I am able to grab hold of the hands of another learner and empower them on their journey. Knowledge is wasted if it isn't shared."

A Teacher Next Door is LuAnn's opportunity to turn her dream of writing into reality. It is a place to showcase her creativity and artwork. It is a platform for empowering others. Her greatest hope is that A Teacher Next Door becomes a community of learners empowering one another on their life long journey of learning.

Our Son Struggled with Reading

Prior to seeing Mrs. Graber our son struggled with reading and comprehension. After a month he was reading fluently and almost caught up to the level appropriate for his age and grade level. His vocabulary has also increased significantly and continues to improve. I highly recommend Mrs. Graber for your child.

– M. Nelson