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LuAnn Graber

LuAnn Graber

LuAnn Graber graduated from Goshen College with a BA in elementary education. She has taught in traditional and online classrooms and served students from kindergarten to college. She is presently living in Franklin, Tennessee where she works to foster hope through education. Whether she is tutoring a child, teaching high school equivalency students, encouraging all ages to adopt a more healthy lifestyle, or teaching strategies for personal growth, she is driven by a desire to help others achieve their goals.

Student in San Juan, Puerto Rico

second grade student from Academia Menonita in San Juan, Puerto Rico

LuAnn began her career as a 5th grade teacher at a small private school in Puerto Rico. Due to staff changes midway through the school year she was reassigned. The principal assured her that the new class of 2nd grade students spoke English. This was important because she was not a fluent Spanish speaker. However, the first day in her new classroom she saw confusion and bewilderment. Because the students had learned English from a Puerto Rican native, they did not understand her Midwestern accent. That afternoon she went home and wrote the next day’s lessons in Spanish – word for word. For several days she taught in Spanish while writing on the chalkboard in English. She continued this for several weeks, each day speaking less Spanish and more English, until she was successfully teaching through the day in English. The students flourished in her classroom.

Boys on a Field Trip

the Graber boys on a homeschool field trip

LuAnn chose to home school her three children during their earliest school years. This was a decision she made early on in her teaching career. As hard as she tried, individualizing instruction was difficult. She found herself teaching to the middle. She determined that her children would begin their schooling with one on one instruction – another example of her desire to stack the deck for success.

She says, “I do not consider myself the ultimate authority on education. Methods change and improve as research excavates and uncovers greater understanding as to how we learn. I do however consider myself an avid learner, and I really enjoy applying and sharing what I’ve learned. A Teacher Next Door is my doorstep for engaging with students, encouraging families, and empowering life long learners.”


Prior to seeing Mrs. Graber our son struggled with reading and comprehension. After a month he was reading fluently and almost caught up to the level appropriate for his age and grade level. His vocabulary has also increased significantly and continues to improve. I highly recommend Mrs. Graber for your child.

– M. Nelson

We feel very fortunate to have found Mrs. Graber. Our child is developmentally delayed and was struggling in school last year. Over the summer we started tutoring with Mrs. Graber, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Mrs. Graber’s approach has been full of patience for and understanding of the needs of our child. Mrs. Graber has taught our child new skills in which to help process information and retain it in order to succeed in class. Our child’s grades have improved this school year as well as her confidence and positive attitude towards learning. We would highly recommend Mrs. Graber for your child’s tutoring needs.

– A. Harding, G. Micklow

I thoroughly enjoyed the Turn Dreaming into Doing seminar. This is a great tool for entrepreneurs or any individuals who are managing hectic schedules.

– Sandy M.

Turn Dreaming into Doing has been like a weekly gust of wind beneath my broken wings. I feel so encouraged.

– Anonymous